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Advisory Board


Chairman: William Brice Miller Chairman: Larry P. Horist
Vice Chairman:   President: Xie Ying Yi
Board Members: Pheng Chen Ph.D. Vice President of Marketing: Jill B. Horist
  Phil Groves International Manager: Cyril P. Lim
  Donald Hackl

Technology Manager:

Xiong Neng Her
  Brendan P. Head    
  Michael L. Hetzel    
  Nha Hoang    
  Michael J. Johnson    
  Robert Kinsella    
  Bill Liu    
  Merrit Widen    

(in alphabetical order by surname)

Peng Chen, Ph.D., Board Member

Peng Chen, Ph.D., CFA, is President of Ibbotson Associates, a subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc.  He conducts research projects on asset allocation, portfolio risk measurement, nontraditional assets, and global financial markets.  Dr. Chen also contributed to the development of various Ibbotson products and services, including Software, Consulting Services, Educational Services, and Presentation Materials.  His writings have appeared in Financial Analyst Journal, Journal of Portfolio Management, Journal of Investing, Journal of Financial Planning, Bank Securities Journal, Journal of Association of American Individual Investors, Consumer Interest Annual, and the Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning. He received the ďArticles of ExcellenceĒ award from the Certified Financial Planner Board in 1996.

Dr. Chen received his bachelorís degree in industrial management engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology and his masterís and doctorate in consumer economics from Ohio State University.

Phil Groves, Board Member
Phil Groves, the President of both DAC Management and Distressed Asset Consulting (DAC), is a certified public accountant with years of experience working with high net worth individuals and their investments.  Phil and DAC have been active distressed debt and distressed asset buyers in China since 2001. Prior to forming DAC Management and DAC, Phil worked with both Arthur Andersen and myCFO, Inc. in Chicago.  At the latter, Phil was the Managing Director of the firmís strategic advisory services (STARs) and oversaw the firmís involvement with Chinese distressed asset investments.  Phil holds a B.S. in accounting and economics from Boston College and an MBA from Notre Dame and currently resides in Glenview, Illinois.
Donald Hackl, Board Member
Donald Hackl is the President of international architecture, planning and design firm Loebl Schlossman & Hackl. Under his direction, the firm has been internationally recognized for the quality of its design through numerous awards and winning design competitions. Mr. Hackl currently serves on the Executive Committee as Treasurer, Union Internationale Des Architectes in Paris, France; he is a Professor of the International Academy of Architecture, Sofia, Bulgaria; Professor of Urban Planning, Design and Development, Shenyang, China, and was just named Special Consultant for Planning Affairs to the city of Changchun, China. Mr. Hackl is a former Director/Vice President of the Chicago Building Congress.
Brendan P. Head, Board Member
Brendan P. Head is a partner in the corporate department of the international law firm Winston & Strawn LLP.  Mr. Head concentrates his practice in public and private equity and debt offerings, acquisitions, divestitures, mergers and joint ventures.  Mr. Head also represents public companies in connection with general corporate matters, including compliance under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and applicable SRO rules and regulations.  Mr. Head is a 1988 graduate of Georgetown University and a 1993 graduate of Georgetown University Law Center.  He is admitted to practice in Illinois and the District of Columbia.  Mr. Head is also a licensed real estate broker in Illinois.
Xiong Neng Her, HBE Manager of Administration and Technology
Xiong Her, came to Chicago in 2004 to complete his schooling and to join TJI International as an intern.  In 2005, he was promoted to Special Assistant to the President of TJI International and began working as HBE's technical advisor.  He has been responsible for the management of the HBE website and email systems.


Michael L. Hetzel, Board Member
Michael L. Hetzel is Vice President / Americas with Pro QC International (www.proqc.com), a Taipei based quality and engineering services firm with four offices in China and operations in thirty countries. He also engages in international strategic and transactional projects for small and midsize manufacturers as President of Northern Galaxy Corporation (www.northerngalaxy.com).

Michael has over 20 years of precision manufacturing experience in positions ranging from technician to 9 1/2 years as CEO, has been actively engaged in trade with Asia-Pacific countries since 1993 and he regularly lectures and publishes articles on the subjects of global trade and global competitive strategies for manufacturers. He's a member of the Federal Reserve Bank Chicago District Industrial Roundtable and serves on several corporate boards.
Nha Hoang, Board Member
Nha Hoang is a native of South Vietnam and currently resides in Winnetka, Illinois. He served in the government of the Republic of Vietnam as Chief of Staff to the President, Chief Advisor to the President on the Paris Peace Accords negotiations and Minister of Information.  Since moving to the United States he has had 27 years of global business experience through diversified senior positions at the General Electric Company, FMC Corporation, and Monsanto Company.  His experience and track records span a variety of industries and business disciplines in many countries of the world, and he has built successful operating teams across vastly different economic, social and cultural backgrounds.  He holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Oklahoma State University.
Jill B. Horist, HBE Vice President of Marketing
Jill B. Horist is Chairman of Thomas and Joyce, Inc., (TJI) a domestic business consulting and public policy firm specializing in strategic problem solving, company structuring, issue management, community relations, lobbying, law-related communications, special events, government relations, fundraising, and campaign consulting, She is Senior Vice President for business development and marketing for TJI International, LLC, a firm specializing in Chinese economic affairs.  In 2000, she was appointed Special Foreign Investment Advisor to the City of Harbin, P. R. China.  Ms. Horist has been recognized as one of the "Outstanding Young Women of America" and is listed in several Who's Who publications.
Larry P. Horist, HBE Chairman (United States)
Larry P. Horist is Founder and President of the Harbin Business Exchange, which promotes business relationships with Harbin, Peopleís Republic of China. He also serves as President of Thomas and Joyce, Inc., (TJI) a domestic business consulting and public policy firm specializing in strategic problem solving, company structuring, issue management, community relations, lobbying, law-related communications, special events, government relations, fundraising, and campaign consulting; and President of TJI International, LLC (TJI-I), a consulting firm focused on business development in China.  In 2000, he was named Special Foreign Investment Advisory to the city of Harbin.
Michael J. Johnson, Board Member
Michael J. Johnson is Chairman and CEO of Drake Group Holding Corporation, an international trade and investment firm with offices in Washington, D.C., and Chicago, Illinois.  He previously served for 20 years as Vice President, International Affairs, for Chicago-based FMC Corporation, a diversified manufacturer of machinery and chemicals with annual worldwide sales of over $6 billion. Mr. Johnson received a B.A. degree from Macalester College, an M.A. from the University of Minnesota, and an M.B.A. from Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration.  He has been an active board member with U.S. Business Organizations involved with big emerging market nations such as Turkey, Russia, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Taiwan.  Over his long career, he has also held leading positions on key committees in most major U.S. Business associations including the Business Roundtable, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Manufacturers, Chemical Manufacturers Association, Petroleum Equipment Suppliers Association, National Board of Sister Cities International and World Press Institute and Foundation for Arts and Education. Mr. Johnson was Vice Chairman of the American League for Exports and Security Assistance as well as the Past Chairman of both the American Turkish Council and the U.S. Arab Chamber.
Robert Kinsella, Board Member
Robert J. Kinsella, President, founded Kinsella Group in 1988. Over the past 25 years he has developed a broad range of experience in acquisitions, sales and turnaround management consulting.  Mr. Kinsella began his professional career with a Fortune 500 company, negotiating both product and company acquisitions. In 1981, he began acquiring, building and then selling businesses for his own account, in the process gaining significant knowledge of the printing, metal forming and office furniture industries, as well as product sourcing in Asia.  Mr. Kinsella also has extensive experience in managing turnarounds in the construction industry and a wide range of manufacturing and distribution industries. He has successfully led a number of acquisition search initiatives for middle-market, privately held clients, divisional searches for billion-dollar-plus publicly traded clients, and platform searches for private equity firms.
Cyril P. Lim, HBE International Manager
Cyril Lim comes from a background of international marketing and special event planning having worked previously in the nonprofit and education sector.   He has been involved in multiple projects with the Auckland Learning Center, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Museum of Science of Industry and the Kellogg School of Management.  In his current role as International Manager, he is responsible for the planning and marketing for TJI-Iís projects related to the international market.  He has significant work experience and cultural understanding of the Asia Pacific region, in particular, with Malaysia, China, Australia and New Zealand.  In addition, Cyril is also an avid aviation enthusiast.
Bill Liu, Board Member
Bill Liu is Vice President of NaviAsia Consulting, a strategy consulting firm specializing in supply chain management and global expansion strategy.  Prior to this, he used to work for PriceWaterHouseCoopers, Lucent Technologies and Waste Management, Inc.. A native of China and a graduate of the Kellogg School of Management, Mr. Liu currently serves as the Chairperson of the Asia/Pacific Committee of the Kellogg Alumni Club of Chicago and is part of various China-related committees of the City of Chicago and the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations.
William Bricen Miller, Chairman
William Bricen Miller has a distinguished career in international business. He is founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Washington, D.C. - based International Business-Government Counselors, and was the first Chairman of the Illinois Export Advisory Committee, which opened Illinois’ first foreign trade office.
Merrit Widen, Board Member
Merritt Widen is the President and CEO of  Heartland Financial, which he founded in 1989. Heartland is a boutique investment bank represented in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Chicago and Paris. It provides special value-added, hands-on experience to start-ups, troubled companies, and foreign projects.  Mr. Widen has worked personally with more than 60 companies, start ups and turnarounds, in various industries, including telecom and wireless, IT, aerospace, medical devices, advanced materials, pharmaceuticals, specialty foods, and retailing.  He has been involved in projects in the U.S., Mexico, Romania, Russia, Canada and the UK, and is currently extending his interest to China.  Prior to Heartland, Mr. Widen was managing partner of Great Lakes Trading Company, an organization with memberships on the Chicago Board Options Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade, American Stock Exchange, Kansas City Board of Trade, and Philadelphia Stock Exchange.  He also was a financial manager with Henry Crown and Company, which manages the vast and diverse financial and real estate holdings of Chicagoís prominent Crown Family.  He resides in the San Francisco Bay area with his wife, Autumn Hyun Widen and two-year old son Adam.
Xie Ying Yi, HBE President (China)

Yingyi Xie has degrees of law and economic management, achieved the professional training by the Supreme Court of Peopleís Republic of China, joined Dongli District Court of Harbin in 1985 as Office Manager, Presiding Judge, Member of the Adjudicatory Committee and Senior Judge respectively.  During the period taking these positions he was a visiting professor at Heilongjiang Province Politics and Director Management Academy and Law School of Northeastern Forest University, and invited as Special Researcher at Law Affair Research Center of Politics Research Institute of Heilongjiang Province Social Science Academy.  Wrote <Litigation Notice> and published several powerful papers in China in 1996.  After retiring in 2003, he became Law Consultant to Harbin Dark Swan Electric Machine Company, Harbin Time Company, Harbin Furniture Association, Heilongjiang Province China Travel Agency and other national or private enterprises.  He now works full-time in TJI International Company.


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