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Surprising Harbin - Dog Date

Harbin subject of special magazine feature

Harbin Electric Announces New Executive Appointment

Green Heilongjiang

Struck Coal


Surprising Harbin - Dog Date

Did you know . . . a new kind of pet matchmaking business has emerged at a time when the city is enjoying a burgeoning pet industry. Zhao Wei, owner of Harbin New Star Pet Hospital, carefully took down a dog’s name, age, breed, hair colour, weight, even her hobbies and, finally, a snapshot of her cool pose. "Just like matchmaking for people, we need information to find her match," Zhao said.

She added that they have a database of every dog that comes to the hospital, some 500. "We select possible matches and contact the owners of the male dog, then comes the time for their blind date," she said. The owner of the female dog usually pays a mating fee because the owner of the "bride" will usually keep the puppies. Zhao charges about 10 per cent of that fee, which varies between US$6 and US$24 depending on the breed. If the female fails to get pregnant, they will not charge.

Dear Friends:

From last report, things are getting back to normal in Harbin. All things considered, the unfortunate accident in Jilin that sent benzene into the Songhua River was more of a temporary inconvenience than a disaster for our city. In great measure that was due to the immediate action of the municipal government, which provided public information and a series of emergency measures that prevented any sickness and provided adequate supplies of water from other sources. As a prospective restaurant owner, I was very pleased to see how this unforeseeable situation was handled. Business continued to operate throughout the time.

HBE Because Jill and I are not available for the Chicago visit, our friends at the Harbin Economic Cooperation and Promotion Bureau (HECPB) re- appointed us as Special Foreign Investment Advisors at a brief ceremony in Harbin. Jill accepted the honor for herself and on my behalf. And the rumor that it was done in Harbin to preclude my long acceptance speech is unfounded. The photograph (left) shows Jill accepting the appointment from Mr. Cui Yu Ping, Division Chief of the HECPB. Mr. Xie Ying Yi (Far left), President of Harbin Business Exchange was also present at the ceremomy.

On another note, we have good news and bad news. We recently issued formal invitations for a Harbin delegation to come to the United States, and make all the difficult visa arrangements for the trip. Unfortunately, the delegation is only spending 24 hours in Chicago – and, of course, Jill is in China, and I will be unavailable. We are happy to announce that the US-China Chamber of Commerce have stepped in the breach, and agreed to host the delegation for this U.S. visit. The HECPB has contracted with them to put on one of their special seminars for visiting delegations next week. You may recall, they recently arranged a similar meeting for the Mayor of Dalian.

The delegation will be headed by Mr. Zhang Wei, Vice Director of HECPB. He is a good friend and excellent representative for Harbin.

We encourage you to contact the U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce at 312-368-9911 to make reservations. And should you have a chance to speak to members of the delegation, please say hello for me and Jill. Let them know you are a member of the Harbin Business Exchange fan club. Well . . . if we had one, you would surely be a member. Thanks to underwriting by HECPB, there will be no charge for this event. I hope you can attend and enjoy the program. I think you will understand why we are so high on Harbin. If you have any question, please feel free to call.

Have a productive week!

Larry Horist - Chairman HBE

  • Harbin subject of special magazine feature
  • China International Business is one of China’s leading business magazines for the English- speaking world. Published in Beijing, the November issues features a very positive and informative article on Harbin. HBE President Larry Horist was honored to have been extensively quoted (even had a photograph), along with Stephen Burrows, President of Anheuser-Bush International. Reprints are available by contacting the HBE office, or you can read the online version here, entitled “HARBIN COMES IN FROM THE COLD.” The online version does not contain the impressive graphics and photos.

  • Harbin Electric Announces New Executive Appointment
  • Harbin Electric, Inc. a U.S. company, with operations based in Harbin, China, announced that Barry L. Raeburn has agreed to join the company as Executive Vice President of Finance and Corporate Development. Mr. Raeburn will focus on extending Harbin Electric's presence in North America by establishing customer communications and investor relations programs.

    ''This is a very exciting time to be joining the Harbin team. Yang Tian Fu has built an impressive organization with the expertise, capacity, and technology to service the needs of the global industrial marketplace,'' Mr. Raeburn commented. ''I am confident that we will continue to deliver on our goals of producing the highest quality products and greatest levels of customer service at the best price. We are focused on growing share within China and in the export market for our products.''

    ''The market for our linear motors and other electric motor products in China alone represents a substantial opportunity for growth. Our corporate development initiatives, which are already underway, will broaden the customer base and enhance Harbin Electric's overall exposure in the global marketplace,'' Raeburn stated.

  • Green Heilongjiang
  • College students from China and Russia have taken part in a program sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to protect the ecological system of the Heilongjiang RiverBasin, which is shared by the two neighboring countries. The program, known as the "Heilongjiang Green Belt Protection Forum", was launched to improve people's awareness of the importance of the system.

    The Heilongjiang/Amur valley has been listed by the WWF as one of its five top global ecological priority areas. With rich biodiversity, the valley is 710,000 square miles in size and its Chinese part is 363,00 square miles.

  • Struck Coal
  • Heilongjiang-based Longmei Mining (Group) Co Ltd has chosen South Korean steel giant Posco and Japan-based trading company Itochu Corporation as the strategic investors for its planned Hong Kong IPO (initial public offering) in the first half of next year. The group aims to raise more than US$256 million in a Hong Kong IPO in the first half of 2006. Li Bixin, vice- director of Heilongjiang State-owned Assets Regulatory and Administration Commission, said more than 10 large companies from both home and abroad had expressed an interest in acquiring shares in the coal group at that time.

    With proven coal reserves of 22.4 billion tons, Heilongjiang is one of China's coal-rich provinces. The province's annual coal output exceeds 80 million tons, with the four coal producers accounting for more than 60 per cent. China last year produced 1.96 billion tons of coal, and used 1.89 billion tons.

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