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May 19, 2005

WANDA MALL OFFICIALLY OPENS IN HARBIN - Click on web site at bottom of page for details

Surprising Harbin - The Heart of Succesful Science

Cranes flying all over Harbin

Dig In to Investment - - Urgent Need for Wastewater Treatment

Harbin Boils over into 21st Century Tech

Get Encouraged Investment Policies - with HBE's help


Surprising Harbin - The Heart of Succesful Science

A ceremony held Tuesday celebrated the longest survivor of a heart transplant in China. Yang Yumin, a farmer from the suburbs of Harbin, has been living a full life with a transplanted heart for 13 years. Yang contracted Ectatic Myocarditis in 1991, and he could neither sit, lie down, nor walk. Already in his 50s, the easy-going Yang now has a 12-year-old daughter and operates a small catering business with his wife. "I've just finished a health checkup. According to the report, I am fine with the transplanted heart except minor rejection but will be put right with medication," said a gleeful Yang. The operation was performed at Harbin University of Medical Sciences No. 2 Hospital, where Xia Qiuming, a well-known cardiac surgeon, did the transplant on April 26, 1992.


Just over a bit of jet lag. Our visit to Harbin for the official opening of the Wanda Mall also resulted in a number of lucrative investment opportunities. Of course, we are very bullish on the restaurant, hotel, entertainment, and tourist industry. We see fantastic opportunity for a synergistic series of integrated investments that can provide a major position in the market. This includes a luxury hotel, restaurants, resorts (skiing is an especially hot growth industry) and recreational activities. Based the available projects, we are exploring establishing an Opportunity Fund devoted to this sector. We think the price is right, returns are good, the potential for future growth outstanding; and it provides an exceptionally inexpensive entry into the Chinese market for American investors and enterprises. Readers of this newsletter know I am concerned that timidity and misimpressions are surrendering too many good Chinese business and investment opportunities to the Europeans and Asians. The tourist and entertainment sectors are the place to be as the Chinese economy forges ahead.

Most "bullish" on our agenda is the Hollywood Food Court, the joint venture between TJI International and Brown's Chicken & Pasta. Our recent visit reaffirms our conviction that the establishment of the Hollywood-theme eatery in the most desirable location in all of Harbin is an opportunity not to be missed. We have signed the initial agreement and made the down payment of $20,000. We have engaged a top-flight team to begin implementing details. Check out, and click on "Wanda Mall Opening" to get see what we are talking about. I cannot express the thrill we enjoyed daily at seeing thousands of people wandering around our location (as seen in the photo above) - even so early in the season with a bit of a chill remaining. Sales at our neighbors, Wal-Mat and Warner Bros., suggest a big success for businesses fortunate enough to obtain space in this premier location. To learn more about the Hollywood Food Court opportunity, call or drop me an email. We have a PowerPoint you can view also.

For this week, please pardon our dust, as the HBE website is getting a facelift to be easier to read and more interactive. Click through to see our work in progress. Have a productive week. --- Larry P. Horist, President, Harbin Business Exchange

  • Cranes flying all over Harbin
  • Growth and progress are evident in the number of construction cranes on the horizon in the cities. It is estimated that 85% of the cranes in the world are in China. Infrastructure and construction projects are among the best deals in Harbin as the Government extends significant support to power, water treatment, sewage, and transportation construction.

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  • Dig In to Investment - - Urgent Need for Wastewater Treatment
  • Only 10 per cent of the wastewater in Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province is being treated because of a lack of processing plants. Harbin produces nearly 1 million tons of wastewater per day; most of it without any treatment whatsoever. The city currently has only one waste processing plant, which can process about 30 per cent of the total amount. Wastewater treatment is deemed an "encouraged" investment opportunity (see below) by the government. Harbex can help you connect Harbin to cleaner water.

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  • Harbin Boils over into 21st Century Tech
  • The largest manufacturer of utility boilers in China, Harbin Boiler Company, has signed with the engineering IT provider Aveva, to integrate comprehensive 21st century systems throughout its manufacturing network. Harbin Boiler Company, employs over 7,000 workers, and has installed products in over 180 power plants in 29 Chinese provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions as well as 23 countries worldwide. Aveva also signed the Dongfang and Shanghai Boiler Works, making it the biggest provider of engineering IT solutions to the 1bn Chinese industrial boiler market.

  • Get Encouraged Investment Policies - with HBE's help
  • Here is a simple view of what incentive benefits are available for investment in Harbin: Officially, foreign investment fits into on of the three categories; "encouraged," "permitted," and "disallowed." "Encouraged" investment gets automatic benefits in the form of tax relief, regulatory relief, asset contributions (usually land), etc. "Permitted" are allowed to proceed, but there are no automatic beneficial policies. This should not be discouraging since many benefits can be obtained through effective negotiation. This is an area where foreign investors should obtain qualified assistance from knowledgeable sources. Here HBE can help you. Of course, "Disallowed" need no explanation.

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