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Surprising Harbin - Walk Down Memory Street

ARINC Aims for China's Airspace

Governor Pledges Russia Links

Brewer Adds to Tsingtao Holdings

Message from Cyril Lim

Surprising Harbin - Walk Down Memory Street

Did you know that . . . Central Street was built in 1896 after the Imperial Russian Government seized control of parts of China's northeast to extend its Trans-Siberian railway into the area and Harbin. The need for labor drew thousands of migrant laborers from the provinces of Shandong and Hebei. The laborers settled in what became known as "China Street," a district governed by Russian colonists. It derived its name from the predominantly ethnic Chinese who made it their home.

Before the railway became operational in 1903, almost all goods were transported to Harbin via the Songhua River, which runs west to east through the city. The turn-of-the century saw "China Street" prosper tremendously, with shops lining each of its elegant sides. It was renamed "Central Street" by the local government in 1925, a name that has stuck to this day. On both sides of the street - 0.90 miles long and 35 feet wide - are 71 buildings, distinctly European in architectural style, of which 13 are placed on the list of the local cultural heritage. They feature four styles of architecture - 16th century Renaissance, 17th century Baroque, 18th century Eclecticism and late 19th century Art Nouveau.

   Dear Friends:

For all of you who have enjoyed or benefited from this e-publication, you should know that the "editor-in- chief" has been Cyril Lim. Cyril has requested a 6- month leave of absence to pursue some other matters. We are sorry to lose his day-to-day participation. However, his leave does not mean that he will not be around on occasion, working on a few projects. So, do not be surprised if you occasionally hear that familiar voice on the phone. Cyril is both an employee and dear friend. Everyone he has met knows what a great worker and terrific person he is. We will miss him around the office.

I thought it would only be appropriate that he have an opportunity to relay a more personal message to you. Please read it below. Have a productive week. Larry Horist - President HBE

  • ARINC Aims for China's Airspace
  •   A U.S. aviation communications and system engineering company, ARINC, is targeting the Chinese market as the most strategically important part of its international expansion plans. Randy Pizzi, managing director of ARINC's Asia Pacific operations said in an interview the Chinese market contributed about 10% to the firm's Asia Pacific revenue. Their services help airlines and ground control obtain flight information, increasing the efficiency and security of planes. ARINC has teamed up with the Civil Aviation of China (CAC).

    ARINC's data link business in China grew by about 50% last year, compared with 20% growth in the Asia Pacific region as a whole. ARINC has more than 20 airport customers utilizing its IT services in the Asia Pacific, but in China, only Harbin airport in Heilongjiang Province subscribe to their system. With the backing of the CAC, ARINC is well positioned to win more customers in China.

  • Governor Pledges Russia Links
  •   Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province has pledged to enhance economic co-operation with Russia as part of a revitalization strategy of old industrial bases. Provincial Governor Zhang Zuoji said Heilongjiang aims to increase existing trade with Russia and exchange technology and investment.

    At the 16th Harbin Trade Fair, which will be held from June 15-19, the Russian Government will send delegations for the first time, Zhang said on Thursday. "Heilongjiang will make better use of its geographic advantage in its co-operation with Russia," Zhang said. The border between Heilongjiang and Russia is only 1,888 miles apart.

  • Brewer Adds to Tsingtao Holdings
  •   Anheuser-Busch, the world's leading brewer, has become the second largest Tsingtao Brewery Co Ltd shareholder, almost tripling its stake. The company converted its remaining bonds from newly issued H shares of the Shanghai and Hong Kong-listed top Chinese brewer under the strategic investment agreement inked in October 2002. The company yesterday also reported a 10.18% growth in net profit for 2004.

    The brewer, through its joint venture with China Resources Enterprises, China Resources Snow Breweries (CR Snow), also acquired the Snowland Brewery Co in Fuyang, Anhui Province, on Monday.

  • Message from Cyril Lim
  •   Today is my last day at TJI International/Harbin Business Exchange (TJII/HBE) after which I will begin a 6-month leave of absence from my current position. During this time I will embark on a new and different adventure in line with my personal goals and dreams. My time at TJII/HBE has given me the chance to meet so many wonderful people like you, both on a professional and a personal basis. I have enjoyed keeping you up to date with the latest information about the happenings in Harbin and China in general. During my absence, my colleague Xiong Her will continue to publish this email newsletter.

    It has been a real honor to have the opportunity to work with such a dynamic company. Both Larry and Jill Horist are the gurus of China. Collectively they have the knowledge, expertise and experience to make any project in China successful. It is with mix emotion that I leave on the cusp of business burgeoning in China. I have seen projects grow from a dream to their reality and feel privileged to have been part of it. I continue to urge you to aggressively pursue the wonderful opportunities in Harbin and in China. I look forward to more successes when I return. All the best - Cyril Lim, International Manager

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