Horist Speaks for Harbin

Horist Joins Harbin Mayor For Speech To Foreign Visitors
Conference Closes With A Lavish Dinner
Extensive Meeting With Architects
Old Friends And New Friends
A Time For Winter Fun
The Amazing Ice and Snow Festival - Too Awesome For Words

HBE Chairman, Larry Horist again traveled to Harbin.  His primary missions were a speech to more than 150 foreign visitors, work sessions with the architect of the planned Hollywood Food Palace, expanding the network of friends and, as always, enjoy the famed Harbinese hospitality.  The trip was successful on all points.  Larry was joined in this trip by his business associate, Xiong Neng Her, and also by Larry's 12-year-old son, Alex.

Horist Joins Harbin Mayor For Speech To Foreign Visitors

At the invitation of the Harbin Foreign Affairs office, Horist was honored to be the keynote speaker (below left), along with Mayor Shi Zhong Xin, at a conference of foreign visitors, including both government and business leaders.  Mayor Shi poses with the HBE entourage after the speech (from left: Larry, Alex, Xiong and Mayor Shi).  Larry received effusive praise from the Mayor and many top government officials for his remarks.  The speech was widely reported in the newspapers and on television.

Conference Closes With A Lavish Dinner

True to tradition, the Harbinese government sent off the foreign visitors with a lavish dinner – fabulous and exotic food, many rounds of “ganbei,” music and dancing, and gifts and prizes.  (Photos from left to right) Horist with the principal host, Du Xuxin, Secretary of the Harbin Municipal Committee of the Communist Party; First Vice Mayor Shi Wenging, Vice Mayor Zhang Gui Hua (who invited Horist to lead off the dancing).  Xiong won an MP3 player, but insisted that Larry claim the prize for him.  Of the six raffle prizes, three were won by guests at the HBE lucky table.  The other two went to new friends, two vice-mayors from Thailand.

Extensive Meetings With Architects

One of the main missions of the trip was extensive work sessions with Mr. Rong Xia, architect for the Hollywood Food Place.  While great progress was made in the detailed planning process, the most tangible results were the artist conceptions of the new food and entertainment facility.

Old Friends And New Friends

It is almost impossible to visit Harbin without a full schedule of invitations from old and new friends.  Among the close friends are the Xie and Lin families.  Madam Xie (top left) poses with Alex at the last evening dinner.  Mr. Lin and his daughter Candy join the HBE party on a weekend ski outing (top right).  Mr. Zhu De Yi, Deputy Director of Investment Pormotion Bureau of Heilongjiang Province, hosted a luncheon with his top staff (bottom left).  HBE will be assisting the provincial delegation arriving in Chicago on March 7.  Mrs. Wang Yee Fen was introduced to Horist at a special luncheon (bottom right).  She in turn invited the HBE delegation to a dinner in her home (a rare and great honor in Chinese society).  In addition, Mr. Li Jian, who operates the famous Sigma restaurants in Harbin, hosted a luncheon.  He provides another great investment opportunity.

A Time for Winter Fun

Harbinese host never let a trip go by without arranging weekend fun.  The internationally famous Harbin Ice and Snow Festival provided ample opportunities – and the impetus for Alex’s inclusion in the trip.  Despite the frigid weather of Harbin, outdoor activities are well attended.  These include (from left) snowmobiling, all terrain rides, ice rink bumper cars, skiing and sliding down one of the many ice-structure ramps.



The Amazing Ice And Snow Festival - Too Awesome For Words

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