Jan. 2006
Larry Horist Invited to Speak for Harbin

HBE Chairman Larry Horist was invited by the Harbin Foreign Affairs Office along with Mayor Shi Zhong Xin in the event, an Outline Introduction of Harbin, to promote Harbin and its annual International Ice and Snow Festival.  People attending this event include Mayor Shi, the key-note speaker, diplomatic envoys from foreign embassies in Beijing, guests from our sister cities, and other overseas delegations.  Following Mayor Shi's speech, Horist made and heart felt speech regarding Harbin.

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Brown's Hollywood Food Palaces Ventures to the Far East

Once again Jill Horist returns to China.  She will be accompanied by Frank and Joan Portillo of Brown's Chicken and Pasta, Inc.  and a group of investors who will work to get BHFP up and running.  In addition, they will scope out other important investment opportunities in such sectors as real-estate, manufacturing, and infrastructure.

China International Business Magazine features HBE and Harbin
"Harbin Comes in From the Cold"
November 2005
By:  Michael O' Neill

From his hometown in the American Midwest, businessman and entrepreneur Larry P. Horist would appear an unlikely campaigner for the Chinese city of Harbin, But this month, Horist, as president of the Chicago-based Harbin Business Exchange, will be leading a group of American business leaders and potential investors on a 10-day visit to the Heilongjiang provincial capital.  "We have been promoting Harbin for half a decade and I think our efforts have been significant in bringing this city to the attention of the US investment and business community," says Horist,  Under his direction, the Harbin Business Exchange - which among other services operates an online newsletter that already reaches over 18,000 subscribers - has been running trade missions to the city since 2002, introducing business opportunities across a variety of areas including import/export, manufacturing, infrastructure development and more.

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source:  China International Business Magazine

EVENT: Heilongjiang Province, P.R. China Delegation Reception and Event

After a long trip across the United States the Heilongjiang delegation made the last stop to Chicago, IL.  Led by Mr. Zhu Deyi, the delegates (Mr. Sha Yu Chao, Mr. Guan Haibin, and Mr. Xue Song) were kept busy.  Thankfully with the help of TJI International, The International Visitor Center of Chicago, and Dr. Kern Kwong, who traveled with the delegation through the US, the delegates visit to Chicago was productive and rewarding.

Jill Horist's trip to China

Jill Horist traveled to China to make further progress in establishing Brown's Hollywood Food Palaces.  She also attended the 5th Annual Green Technology Food Conference in Qing An.

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EVENT: June trip to China (Harbin Expo Trip)

In addition to the pursuit of a number of key projects, the added incentive for this trip was the 16th annual China Harbin Fair for Trade and Economic Cooperation.  HBE was invited as special guests of the municipal government.  As part of the Expo festivities, HBE officials were among a select group of dignitaries to participate in ceremonies that included signing special cooperation agreements, and attending a festive dinner and stage show.

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EVENT: March/April Trip to China (Wanda Mall Opening)

Wearing two hats as officials of  TJI International and HBE, President Larry Horist, Vice President Jill Horist and Executive Assistant Xiong Her traveled to Harbin at the end of April with several missions in mind: (1) to engage in planning future operations of HBE (which TJI International manages), (2)  participate in the official opening ceremonies for the new Wanda Mall in the heart of Harbin, and (3) participate in meetings involving specific investment opportunities.   In addition to HBE, TJI-I is involved in a joint venture partnership with Brown's Chicken & Pasta to establish a Hollywood-theme American-style restaurant next to a new movie theater in the new mall.

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