The Harbin Business Exchange (HBE) is an international private/public partnership serving as the representative of Harbin in the United States.  First proposed by American businessman, Larry P. Horist, the HBE was formally authorized in an agreement signed in Harbin on June, 2002.  It is a cooperative partnership between operates in cooperation with the Harbin Municipal Government and TJI International, Inc.

The HBE is designed to promote a full range of business, civic and educational relationships between the city of Harbin and the United States of America.

These include:

Chinese Investment in the United States
Direct Investment in Public Works and Infrastructure Projects
Direct Investment in Private Enterprises
Import and Export
Joint Ventures
Business Acquisitions
Strategic Alliances
Marketing in China
Travel and Tourism
Cultural and Educational Exchanges

The goal of the HBE is to “de-mystify” doing business in China for smaller and midsize companies.  Companies that feel the pressure from competitors currently engaged in China cannot afford to ignore China as a source of product, labor market or a consumer market.

If you are an American businessman or investor unfamiliar with China, the Harbin Business Exchange and TJI International offers you the fast track service to information, contacts and future business relationships.

HBE is operated by TJI International, Inc. (the international subsidiary of Thomas and Joyce, Inc.) a boutique consulting firm specializing in China relationships.

Party General Secretary Du Yuxin (above right) and HBE President Larry Horist following a joint television appearance.

Larry Horist and Mayor of Harbin Shi Zhong Xin pose for pictures following their joint speeches to overseas investors, diplomats, and foreign investors.

Harbin Business Exchange

P.O. Box 18269
Chicago, Illinois 60618
Phone: (773) 596-5599
Fax:  (773) 596-5596
Email: info (at) harbex (dot) net

Message From HBE Chairman

Larry P. Horist

The signing of the HBE agreement in 2002 was the culmination of years of discussions and negotiations under the leadership of then Mayor Wang Zhong Zhang and Mr. Hu Zhong Chong (pictured), Director of Foreign investment.

We were first introduced to Harbin when we visited the city in 1999.  In 2000, it was our honor to host Mayor Wang Zhong in Chicago when Mayor Wang led a delegation to Chicago, as the centerpiece of his American tour. It was then the idea for the HBE was first proposed.

Since that time, HBE has promoted the interests of Harbin through delegation visits (both to and from Harbin).  We have generated national publicity that has changed the American image of Harbin from a desolate and underdeveloped region of China to a dynamic growth area with endless opportunities for business development and investment.


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