Available Projects
Infrastructure Projects (NEW):

A. Harbin Subway
B. Harbin Urban Third Ring Road
C. Wen Chang Sewage Disposal Plant
D. Daowai 20th Street Highway Bridge

Other Projects:

1.  Processing of Soybean Protein
2.  Technological Transformation of Power Equipment
3.  Sun Island Resort of Harbin
4.  Mopanshan Reservoir and Water Supply Construction
5.  Cosmetics and Beauty Products
6.  Floor Boards Manufacturing
7.  Quality Office and Home Furnishings
8.  Student Exchange Programs
9.  Pinecone Wood Products
10. Processing of Pork Products
11. Production of Malt from Barley
12. Soybean Projects
13. Rice Processing

Consumer Products - Import/Export

Raw Ginseng
Bean Products
Beer/Wine/Tea Products
Medicinal/Therapeutic Products
Exotic Wild Mushrooms
Pine Nuts
Mountain Fed Bottled Water
Wood Products:
Flooring, Paneling, Furniture, Particle Board, Doors, 
Windows, Paper Board Construction


Waste Treatment/Sewage/Recycling
Drainage Network Construction
Reservoir/Dam Construction
River Tunnel


Fertilizer Production
Corn Deep Processing
Processing Raw Granite
Power Cable Production
High Quality Alloy Aluminum Belts
Degradable Resin Fast-Food Containers
Traction Transformer for Electric Railway
Soybean Isolated Protein & Compound Sugar
Turbogenerator Heat and Power
Monoclorophthalix Anhydride
Ultrafine Powder Processing
Street Cleaning Equipment
Plasma Cutting Machine
Automobile Production
Milling & Die Cutting
Plastic Molding

Professional Services

Legal, Accounting
Special Events

Real Estate/Civic Developments

Industrial Parks
Sports Stadium
Ski Resorts
Water Parks
Shopping Centers
Hotels and Spas


Technical Partnerships
Cultural Exchanges

A: Stage 1 Harbin Subway (NEW)

Project: To construct #1 line that runs from the south to the north of the city in the Nangang District. Stage 2 will run in a loop.

Brief Description: Construction will begin in 2004 to 2007 totaling 8.9 miles. There will be 16 subway stations.  An existing 4-mile air defense tunnel (in compliance with the metro standards) will be used. Subway cars, electrical and mechanical equipment used will be made  in China as much as possible.  

Foreign Investment: Joint venture partnership and other forms of partnerships will be considered. Total investment for stage 1 will  be USD 540 million. Revenues will be generated through (1)  ticket sales, (2) commercial development of land above the subway tunnels as well as space surrounding the stations/tunnels, (3) advertising and other business services. The project passed the the approval of the International Engineering Consulting Corporation in November 2003.

B: Harbin Urban Third Ring Road (NEW)

Project: To construct a third ring road surrounding the urban area of Harbin. This third ring road will encompass both the north and south banks of the Songhua river.

Brief Description: The construction of this six lane expressway with a full flyover will begin at the end of this year and will be constructed within 1-2 years. The total length of the third ring road is 38.21 miles with a width of between 196 to 360 feet. 8 large overpass bridges, 2 river bridges, 7 railway flyovers drainage, lighting, signals and landscaping will be included in this project. A feasibility study has been completed and the project has been approved by the Heilongjiang Provincial Planning Commission. 

Foreign Investment: Build-Operate-Transfer. Total estimated investment is USD 753 million. A bank loan of USD 362 million will be provided. The internal rate of return is 6.4%. The net present value is USD 224 million and the recovery period is 17.59 years.

C: Wen Chang Sewage Disposal Plant (NEW)

Project: TBA

Brief Description: TBA 

Foreign Investment: TBA

D: Daowai 20th Street Highway Bridge (NEW)

Project: The second bridge in Harbin to link the south bank of the Songhua River and the north bank (Songbei District).

Brief Description: Total length of this highway is 9.2 miles. Total cost of this project is USD 169 million. Main trunk street at category 2 standard. Average speed is approximately 40 miles per hour.

Foreign Investment: TBA

1: Processing of Soybean Protein

This project adopts the core technology of modifying plant protein and separating the membrane. At the completion of the project, the functionality of the protein will improve thereby increasing the number of uses. It is then used to manufacture various dairy, meat, flour, nutritional and health care products.

The project will raise the level of of the processed soybean protein, widen the scope for soybean protein by-products and increase the market share.

Company: Harbin High-Tech Soybean Foodstuff Co., Ltd.

Brief Description: Foreign investor to provide the funds as well as the equipment.

Chinese Investment: USD 5.92 million

Foreign Investment: USD 11.32 million

2: Technological Transformation of Power Equipment

Project is to transform direct current power models (PZWG, PZD, PZWG2000) produced locally with the UPS production technology of 1-750 KVA and to establish a series of management systems in designing, production and operation of modern enterprises such CAD, CAM and CAPP etc. 

Also, to build a plant the size of 32,000 square feet which includes a new production line for assembling power equipment.

Company: Harbin Acheng Relay Stock Co. Ltd.

Brief Description: Foreign investor to provide the funds, equipment and technology.

Chinese Investment: USD 12.0481 million

Foreign Investment: USD 9.6386 million

Total Investment: USD 21.6867 million

3: Sun Island Resort of Harbin

The Harbin Government has decided to transform the Sun Island Region to an Ecological & Natural Reserves and a National Trade Scenic Spot. The agency is seeking foreign companies to provide investment.  Sun Island of Harbin is a famous scenic resort, and is also the largest urban ecological area along the Songhua River in China. The region covers an area of 30 square miles.

Due to its year-round scenic beauty, it has been a popular destination for foreign travelers from the start of the last century. Today, four million tourists annually patronize Sun Island. The famous Heilongjiang Science & Technology Museum and Heilongjiang Broadcast & Television Training Center are both located in this region. When fully developed, Sun Island will possess its own charm that reflect specific culture of northern China, such as customs originating in Jin Dynasty and nomadic traditions of the Oroqen nationality.

4: Mopanshan Reservoir and Water Supply Construction (Harbin)

Project: Daily water supply capacity in Harbin reaches 900,000 tons, to be fulfilled completely in two stages by 2009.

Company: Harbin Municipal Water Supply Construction

Brief Description: The state-owned enterprise is seeking partners for equity and contractual joint venture. The foreign partners will provide the funds necessary to begin this new infrastructure construction.

Chinese Investment: USD 30.482 million

Foreign Investment: USD 28.196 million

Total Investment: USD 59.398 million

5: Cosmetics and Beauty Products


1.  To form a joint venture partnership with a privately owned company to utilize Meijiana's resources.
2.  To represent U.S. cosmetic products in China.

Company: Harbin Meijiana Commercial Trade Co. Ltd

Brief Description: Meijiana has a new factory (430,000 sq ft) in Harbin. The company is seeking a U.S. partner to utilize 3/4 of the factory space for the production of beauty products. Meijiana is also interested in distributing U.S. products in China through its own networks.

Foreign Investment: USD 500,000 (joint venture partnership)

6: Floor Boards Manufacturing


1.  To form a joint venture partnership to provide the funds and technology to expand the production facilities.
2.  To export plywood products into the United States.

Company: Song Jiang Plywood Factory - China Longjiang Forest Industry (Group) General Corporation

Brief Description: Seeking a U.S. partner to expand the current facilities and maximize production. A portion of company ownership will be provided. Also seeking a distributor of plywood products, buyers of construction materials to import their products into the U.S.

Foreign Investment: USD 24 million (joint venture partnership)

7: Quality Office and Home Furnishings


1.  To form a joint venture partnership to provide the funds and technology to expand the production facilities.
2.  To export quality home and office furnishings into the United States.

Company: "Harbin Wooden Products Manufactory" - China Longjiang Forest Industry (Group) General Corporation

Brief Description: Seeking a U.S. partner to expand the current facilities. Also seeking a distributor of home and office furnishings to import their products into the U.S.

Foreign Investment: TBA

8: Student Exchange Programs

Project: To develop student exchange programs between U.S. universities and one of China's top universities, Harbin Institute of Technology

Company: Harbin Institute of Technology

Brief Description: Seeking a U.S. university to partner in developing student exchange programs. Programs include Chinese language/culture emersion as well as major courses of study.

Foreign Investment: N/A

9: Pinecone Wood Products

Project: To import to the U.S. a range of Pinecone Wood Products.

Company: -

Brief Description: Products include home fittings, wooden art work, frames, carvings and custom made products. Looking for distributor of such products in the U.S.

Foreign Investment: N/A

10: Processing of Pork Products

Project: Seeking foreign investment and/or technology for various projects related to production line of pork products in the Harbin Development Zone

Company: Heilongjiang Baoquanling Meat Industry Co. Ltd

Brief Description:  Joint venture partnership for a series of pork processing and production line - a slaughter house, meat and sausage processing, leather and trombin. Annual output is 30,000 tons.

Foreign Investment: Approx. USD 18 million

11: Production of Malt from Barley

Project: Seeking various partnerships ranging from joint-ventures to providing technology.

Company: Harbin Longken Malts Co. Ltd

Brief Description: The partnerships will help the company expand the production capacity to meet the increasing need for Barley Malt. Annual production capacity is 60,000 tons. Demand for barley is anticipated to reach 1.2 to 1.5 million tons.

Foreign Investment: TBA - ownership of the company (maximum 49%) is offered

12: Several Soybean Projects

Project: Several Soy Bean related projects seeking joint venture partnership, technology and trade.

Company: Heilongjiang Jiusan Oil Co. Ltd.

Brief Description: Projects include soybean import, cooking oil processing project, isolated protein products, phospholipid products, isoflavone products. In 2003, the processing capacity is valued at USD 482 million. The 2004 output is estimated at 4.2 million tons.

Foreign Investment: Varies depending on which project.

13: Rice Processing

Project: Joint venture partnership for the construction of  Rice Processing Industrial Park

Company: Harbin Development Zone

Brief Description: Construction will begin in 2004 and production is expected to begin in 2005. The industrial park will produce a range of rice by products such as packaged rice, instant rice and rice beverages.

Foreign Investment: TBA


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