This summary applies to wholly-owned foreign enterprises in China. Please note that this is a suggested guideline. It does not represent the actual procedures which may differ between municipalities and provinces. Laws and regulations are also subject to change.
Complete in the U.S. prior to Chinese process initiation
  1. Obtain Articles of Incorporation for the U.S. corporation (in English).
  2. Certify the signatures of the officers on the Articles of Incorporation by a Public Notary.
  3. Obtain letter from Secretary of State to certify the validity of the Public Notary used in step 2.
  4. Local Chinese Consulate certifies the validity of the letter from the Secretary of State.

All documents are then translated by the Chinese Consulate with a final seal of approval.

To Be Done In China
  1. Register business name with Provincial Business Bureau. A business license will be issued.
  2. Obtain an invitation/permission letter from the Foreign Investment Bureau of the city.
  3. Obtain a Corporate Identification Number.
  4. Obtain a business license from the Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau.
  5. Obtain a provincial tax number from the Provincial Tax Bureau.
  6. Obtain a municipal tax number form the Municipal Tax Bureau.
  7. Register the business with the Central Government of China.
  8. An official stamp/seal of the business is issued by a government designated company.
  9. An electronic card with a microchip that contains all the relevant business information is also issued at the end of the certification process.

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