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In local culture, China’s shape is often compared to a rooster. Heilongjiang is the head of the rooster, and Harbin is the eye. A renowned ancient city in China, Harbin is situated in northeastern China. As the capital of Heilongjiang province, the city boasts the largest historical museum of the Jin Dynasty, remains of the Huining Mansion and the tombs of Wanyanaguda. The region is rich in natural mineral resources. Harbin is rich in natural resources, which ranges from ground minerals to agriculture to wild life. It is one of the key agribusiness centers of China. It is situated closest to the important international markets of Japan, Korea and Russia. Its prime location makes Harbin an important economic hub of the Eurasian corridor. Consequently, Harbin is increasingly becoming an important international passageway. The “local” market, encompassing three and one half provinces has a consumer population of 114 million. If it were a nation, it would rank between Japan and Mexico. It is recognized as one of the most European cities in China, with a diverse population. From the 1920s, there is heavy European influence due to its geographic closeness to Russia and was dubbed as "Oriental Moscow". Many of the influences still exist today in the culture, customs and architecture that makes Harbin a truly unique city in China. It is also the home of many high-ranking colleges and universities, including the world-renowned Harbin Institute of Technology. 

With it’s highly productive work force, vast natural resources and advanced technology, northeast China is quickly becoming a region of enormous economic potential. Many international businesses are exploring this region for a full range of commerce opportunities.

Harbin Advantage
What makes the Harbin area among the most attractive business environments in China? China’s northernmost major city has many advantages. 

These include:

Natural Resources: The province of Heilongjaing has enormous natural resources, gas, oil, critical metals, etc.

Located near major markets:
Harbin enjoys preferential proximity to the important markets of Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia.

Low costs: Harbin cost structures enable it to compete even with other regions of China.

Capable work force: Workers in northeast China are known for their industriousness, dedication and skills.

Existing industrial/technical/agricultural base: Harbin is established as a major heavy industrial center in China. It is also the home of the Harbin Institute of Technology, one of the foremost tech schools in the world, and is rightfully referred to as the “breadbasket of China.”

Infrastructure: Harbin is continuing a plan that will up-grade infrastructure in every area, transportation, utilities, telecommunications, agricultural and tourism.

Progressive leadership: At the municipal and provincial levels, the political leadership of the region is supportive of the new China policies of business development, and knowledgeable in western business practices. The new Songbei Industrial District features some of the most modern industrial facilities in the world, everything from pharmaceuticals to chicken processing. It is the home of a new Coca Cola bottling company.


Longitude 125° 42’ -130° 10’ E and latitude 44° 04’- 46° 40’ N.


53,068 square kilometers
20,489 square miles


Harbin is located in the mid-temperate zone and is influenced by the continental monsoon climate. The average annual temperature in the city is 4.3° C (39.74° F). Annual precipitation is 600 mm (23.6 inches).




Harbin is the home to Han, Manchurian, Korean, Hui, Mongolian and 40 other ethnic groups.

There are seven districts (Daoli; Daowai; Nangan; Taiping; Dongli; Xiangfang; Pingfang) and twelve counties (Wuchang; Shuanchen; Acheng; Shangzhi; Bayan; Hulan; Binxian; Yilan; Yanshou; Mulan; Tonghe and Fangzheng) under the jurisdiction of the Harbin Municipal Government.


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